Inspired by nature and the chemistry of life inside our cells our talented team has developed a range of green high-tech solutions to make biofuels, fine chemicals and materials using new eco-technologies based on renewable starting materials

Our Innovations



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Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly using integrated catalysis


Our Raw Materials: 100% Renewable


Cellulose is the most abundant renewable materials on our planet and has historically been used to make a range of paper product. However, with our world becoming ever more digitalized the paper consumption has steadily been declining. This calls for new high value products to be developed. Here, we at Organofuel Sweden have specialized in the development of high value products based on nanocellulose and renewable sugars/alcohols


Lignin is one of the most abundant renewable materials on our planet (approximately 15-25% of all biomass consists of Lignin). However, while chemically highly interesting, Lignin has mainly been considered a low-value waste product and thus have only been used for energy and electricity production. 

We at Organofuel Sweden specialize in valorizing Lignin to high value products. Our innovations range from biofuel to fine chemicals to renewable materials.


Our Products

Biomass to Biofuel

By using green catalytic technology our scientist have found a way to transform Biomass (e.g.  Lignin and Cellulose) into biofuels. Our process uses no pressure and low temperatures, thus making our innovation highly cost-efficient.

Biomass to Capsaicin and Derivatives

Capsaicin is a naturally occuring substance in chili peppars and gives that spicy feeling when consumed. Besides food, capsaicin has been found to have highly interesting properties. This includes anti-herpes and anti-fungal properties. There is a high industrial demand for pure capsaicin. However, current processes are limited and cannot cover the high demand for pure capsaicin. By using green catalytic technology our scientist have found a way to transform Biomass into pure capsaicin using no pressure and low temperature. 

Biomass to Fine Chemicals

By using green catalytic technology we have developed an eco-friendly process to transform Biomass into a range of fine chemicals. These include (but are not limited to) for instance vanillin and a range of amines, amides as well as linear and branched alcohols and aldehydes.  

Biomass to Green Materials

The interesting composition of lignin and cellulose makes the two highly interesting starting materials for making renewable materials. 

By using green catalytic technology we have found an efficient approach to transform Biomass into biodegradable polymeric materials for application in a range of consumer products. 

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