Opportunities for Biobusiness

Politics: Pushing for green technologies

Most countries in the world have signed the Copenhagen Accord and thus have agreed that the world temperature should not increase above 2 degrees Celsius. This means that C02 emissions, particularly, from the industrial sector need to be reduced drastically.  We expect that political initiatives will favor Organofuel Sweden as our technologies allow for a significant reduction of C02 emission. 

A fossil free vehicle fleet

The demand for biofuel is steadily increasing. A recent report by Swebio showed that approximately a quarter of all sold diesel in 2016 in Sweden was biodiesel. Sweden has a goal to have a fossil free vehicle fleet by 2030. In this context has the European Climate Foundation identified biomass (e.g Lignin and Cellulose) as the most promising material to replace fossil oil.  

Consumer-Demands: More Eco-Friendly Products

Our world is demanding ever more eco-friendly products. Studies in Sweden showed that the sales of eco-friendly food products have more than tripled in the past 8 years.

Source: www.ecoweb.nu

Digitalization of Our World

With the introduction of computers, the digitalization of our world has decreased the demand for paper-based products. According to Swedish statistics (Skogsindustrierna) between 2008 and 2016 the exportation of Swedish paper has decreased by ~ 16%. This calls for new products and innovative solutions based renewable biomass.

Personal data according to GDPR

Organofuel Sweden handles personal data according to GDPR. We do not collect more information than needed, we keep them as long as it is necessary and they are not used for anything other than what was the purpose when they were collected.

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