Organofuel Sweden AB

the first manufacturer of fine chemicals to produce in an eco-friendly way

We have developed and patented a technology that transform forest waste into sustainable fine chemicals, such as Capsaicin and Nonivamide.

The method is environmentally friendly and provides end products of guaranteed high quality.

Our capsaicin has the same properties as naturally extracted capsaicin.

However, it is free from impurities and heavy metals. Furthermore, our capsaicin maintains a uniform quality and strength which makes dosing easy.

Application areas of Capsaicin

Hair products & Personal care

Capsicum-derived ingredients are used in the formulation of shampoos and hair products, as well as skin care, cleansing, and bath products.

Self defense products

Capsaicinoids are an active ingredient in riot control and personal defense pepper spray agents.


Capsaicin is applied to plant foliage to repel insect pests, not kill them.

Animal feed additive

Studies shows that as little as 10 ppm Capsaicin in chicken feed can be enough to keep chickens healthy and increase their growth by 5-10%.


Capsaicin is currently used in topical form for postherpetic neuralgia. This medication is also used on the skin to relieve pain in conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, or diabetic neuropathy.


Hot sauces contain capsaicin, a flavorless, colorless compound that brings the burn

Organufuel's capsaicin process

Organofuel Sweden's patented technology can transform a sustainable raww material from the paper and pulp industri (called Lignin) to Capsaicin (in pure form).

Advantages of our method

Indepentend from season and climate changes

Free from pesticides and heavy metals

Stabile strength (>95%) and quality

Certificate of Analysis

Compound: Capsaicin

CAS number: 404-86-4

Catalogue number: OFS0001

Data of analysis: 2019-02-09

Long term storage: The compound should be stored below room temperature in the dark, in a tightly sealed contained.

Shelf Life: Two years from date of manufacture, when properly stored.




Mass Spectrometry

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